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Boobsgames - Warlock and Boobs - Version 0.335.5 Update

Developer / Publisher: Boobsgames
Tags: boobsgames, rpgm, 2dcg, fantasy, male protagonist, monster girl, adventure, combat, turn based combat, futanari, transgender, big tits, big ass blowjob
Censorship: No
Language: Eng/Rus
Version 0.335.5
OS: Win
Size: In Download.

Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!
Additional Info:
Press F5 to toggle full screen.
Press F6 to change window size.
Press W to show/hide Krowly’s picture.
Gay content can be turned off at the beginning of the game

Version 0.335.5

What s new:
Girls’ voices: Several lines and a bunch of sound reactions for Alice, Astra, Juliette, Fina and Sister Elizabth. Oolay-Tiger was directing this small project. I also added the option to disable the voices in the settings menu.
Lust for Jaina and Rose: The lust mechanic now works for Jaina and Rose too. They can be target of lust attacks from monstergirl, they can drink lust potion and become aroused.
When their lust reach 300 they will submit in battle. When Jaina’s lust is higher then 200 she stops obeying your orders in battle.
Both girl have sex menu during the hunt and will also ask for sex when their lust is too high.
New scenes:
pixel scene with Derek and Taisha (Tuesday or Friday night)
pixel scene with Jason and Agneshka (Saturday night)
pixel scene with Wine Merchan and Elf (Tuesday or Thursday night)
pixel scene with two goblins by Harlekin (Wednesday or Sunday night)
scene with Jaina during the hunt by Harlekin (illustrations from the spa scene)
rimjob scene with Lizzy by Bearyama (no illustrations). Has a 20% chance to be triggered when Krowly is playing with himself at night. (SFX by Oolay Tiger)
Updated scenes:
Buttfuck with Juliette. Now you can choose to finish inside her or to pull out and finish all over her
New pictures:
Scene with Fina under waterfall. Butt or pussy (8 variants)
Variants for the buttfuck scene with Juliette (3 variants)
Updated pictures:
Updated illustrations for scene with a goblin girl (5 variants)
Conlan’s face update
Alice’s morning scene. Small fixes
Dereks illustration. Small update
Small things:
If busty Krowly is lactating the milk will be shown when he is playing with himself at night.
A small scene with Diana and Wine Merchant (Monday morning)
A couple new lines for party dialogues by Harlekin
Jason talking about Taisha in the tavern. Idea by Harlekin
Jenna’s reaction on Krowly’s session with Jaina in the spa
Jenna has an illustration in the spa now
Wine Merchant visiting the spa
Krowly’s mentioning green pussy for Derek to help players with the quest.
Krowly’s mentioning the window in the spa to help players with the quest.
If Krowly has boobs when he first time lose to the bandit trying to save Juliette it now shows busty illustrations.
The rain is now working right.
The old time bug with mouse when you was able to run over the event after triggering it now is fixed (like with the monster trap)
Some bugs when Krowly is meditating in wrong places now are fixed.

Version 0.335 Hotfix 2

Sebastian't quest - the "lost delivery" quest can be finished now ^^ After starting the quest go to the goblin caves and find the goblins' village. Or go the the Orcs' camp first.
This quest leads to the two other quest lines, with the new lab for Krowly and with the new wife for Derek. These quest lines isn't ready yet, but we made a big step forward.
Secret quest - read the attached file for info. Don't read it if you want to avoid spoilers.
New enemies - the bandits. Butt bandit from the beginning of the game get an illustration, new tricks and a band (and a small event on the hunt). Masked bandits will be roaming around "the rocks" area. In the future they will get their own location and more events.
New monster - Gelatinous cube. The battle with him can be a bit tricky. It will require the luck, or the proper preparation ;)
New locations:
Orcs' camp
Goblins' village
Deep tonnels
Derek's house (reopen)
New pictures:
Goblins caves battle background
Gelatinous cube
Butt bandit +portraits
Masked bandit (variant)
Goblin leader (variant)
3 orcs' variants
Small things:
Derek was slightly updated as a character. He is now fishing at some times of the day. A few lines about his backstory were added to his house (it's open now). And his horse get the stables.

Version 0.334

Eric now has his own level of lust. When his lust level is too high he will become weaker in battles or even will be defeated automatically (when his lust is 300)
In the battle Eric can be a target of the monstergirls’ lust attacks and he will gain lust form it. He is loosing lust every night or when he is fucking monstergirls with Krowly or having other sex scenes.
Krowly has several options to help Eric stay battle ready. If your “Gay scenes” switch is set to OFF in the setting menu you will see only the last two of them.
It sounds simple but it required a lot of work from me xD
If everything will be working fine, I’m planning to add lust levels for Rose and Jaina too.
New event during the hunt where you can test new lust mechanic and enjoy a scene with Juliette (can be triggered only if you already meet Juliette during the hunt)
New pictures:
Sex with Agneshka (+ busty Krowly variant)
Agneshka’s pussy (+ cum variant)
Juliette in the trap (5 variants)
Lizzy’s feeding scene (4 variants)
Alice topless bukakke
Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating illustration) (+ cum variant)
New scenes:
Sex with Agneshka (relationship with her should be at least 30)
Juliette in the trap (during the hunt)
Lizzy’s feeding scene
Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating scene)
Updated scenes:
Anal and vaginal scenes with Carla (by Kalas)
The scene with Mabel (by Kalas)
Small things:
Slimes’ terror new icon
Portraits for Lizzy
Portraits for Agneshka
Pixelart animation for Krowly fucking a slime
Alice’s anal scene is now accessible during the topless friday (Now we can see her topless and covered in cum)
Some events during the hunt when you choose to leave now start random event from the roser instead of “fighting slimes till the evening”

Version 0.333.2

Status menu now shows a lot more information, including active state effects for all party members. I used a Ace Status Menu v1.02 by Yanfly with some changes to make it possible. It didn’t show state effects, so I had to write small additional kinda script by myself xD It is the first step to give Eric and other party members their own lust meter, so they would become a possible target for monstergirls’ lust attack.
By summoning succubus Meril and having sex with her you are getting some temporary bonuses.
Krowly now can play a tomb raider in the new dungeon in the Elven forest with secret reward (new useful item). It’s not a quest and totally optional.
The scene with Krowly sucking futa elf’s dick is now animated. Should be working both in the forest and in the Spa.
New pictures:
Astra anal +variants (visit her at the morning when she is naked. requires 50 relationship points)
Busty elf titfuck +7 variants
Additional variants for Sister Elizabeth anal scene
Additional variants for the scene with Krowly loosing to Futa elf
Updated pictures:
Carla’s back side
Sister Elizabeth anal scene
New scenes:
Astra’s anal scene
Busty elf’s titfuck scene with lactation option
Updated scenes:
Sister Elizabeth anal scene – bukakke option and improved dialogues (by Kalas)
Small things:
A book with some lore info in Krowly’s house. I wanted to add more lore information in this update, but it’s hard.
A few more lines for Diana and Conlan
Slimes battle and spawn tweaks
Lamias battle tweaks (new moves)
Fairies are smaller now
Strong health potions heal poison now.
Fixed bugs:
Reducto potion should be working now

Version 0.332.5

First Random generated dungeon for the hunt with Eric. When you enter the dungeon it choose three middle sections from the 9 possible variants, so the dungeon will look different when you visit it next time (27 possible combinations, 11 different rooms).

New monster-girl – busty elf. (can be met only on the hunt for now) She has no sex scenes yet.
Random rewards for the dungeons.
Small dungeon with elves for the hunt with Eric.
Ancient urn summons a ghost girl when activated.
Futa spa update. Visit it at Saturday evening.
Super small quest with Elizabeth Darkwood.
New skill for lvl5 (if your save file is old, use the books on the Krowly’s table in his bedroom)
Krowly can meditate to change the time of the day, lower the lust level, and restore some mana.
Fully grown plants on the field now gives you a chance to gather more ingredients every day.
Most likely, a lot of bugs :D

New pictures:
Topless Jill
Busty Krowly variants for Jill’s anal scene
Back view variant for Jill’s anal scene
Juliette paizuri (+2 variants)
Elizabeth Darkwood facial scene (+ cum variant)
Naked Jaina (+ hard variant)
Variants of Krowly’s masturbation scene with Eric

Updated pictures:
Krowly’s masturbation scene
New scenes:
Juliette paizuri
Elizabeth Darkwood facial
Anal with Eric
Scene with Fina and elfes is now repeatable
Scene with Melissa is now repeatable.

Small things:
Agnieszka’s reaction on busty Krowly
Extended first dialogue in the tavern for Juliette (you should start a new game to see it.)
Small event with Juliette on the hunt with Eric

Changelog Version 0.331 Hotfix
What’s new:
New quest! If you finished succubus summoning quest, talk with Sebastian or Carla.
New character - Elizabeth Darkwood.
Slime girl scene is now animated.
New "slime repellent" potion. Use it and slimes will avoid you for a while. Check the slime cave to find the recipe. You still can attack slimes.
New "boobs potion". Guess what it does? :D Yes, Krowly now can grow boobs during gameplay, not via cheats. Use it again to get rid of boobs. Learn how to make this potion during the quest.

ALT now used to skip dialogues instead of SHIFT

New pictures:
Fina's gangbang;
Fairy big belly variant;
Cumshot panels for scenes with Carla and Juliette;
Elizabeth Darkwood (+ topless variant);
Krowly and Melissa;
Krowly fucking slime (edit).

Updated pictures:
Rose in the waterfall;
Slime girl scene;
Krowly sneak masturbation cum variants.

New scenes:
Fina's gangbang scene;
(I'll make it repeatable in the future) Krowly and Melissa;
(I'll make it repeatable in the future) Krowy fucking slime.

Small things:
Lizzy now can accumulate the magic from the cum you give her. The more you feed her, the more times she can help in batltle. Feed her two times and she will help you two times till she will need to be fed again.
You can pay Elizabeth Darkwood to play music for you.
GILF filter in the settings menu. Small scene with Sebastian (It's just a beginning).
Download Keep2share (
For PC
Size: 628

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