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Summertimesaga - Summertime Saga [Version 0.19.1] (2018) (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: ADV, RPG, SLG, Ecchi, School, Big Breasts, Lactation, Oral, Voyeurism
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux
Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tablet: Not required
Version 0.19.1
Language of game: English
Language: English
Voice Language: None

After his father died leaving his family, his death was suspicious and the police investigated the murder case. In addition, the father hanged a huge debt on the family from criminal personalities. So now the protagonist should take care of the family, as well as find people who killed his father, pay college and find a girl for the prom.

The people, help the council for the pumping of power.
At what point or at what frequency do you need to press the key?
Or to get one level you need to make several approaches?
Really rested, I almost broke the clave. dash1

Changelog 0.19.1
Bug fixes:
Fixed a missing screen in the mall toilets.
Fixed Logger writing logging header to file when persistent.debug_log is disabled.
Fixed a crash when talking with Admiral Sploosh.
Fixed being locked inside the gym after yoga.
Fixed Odette disappearing during the evening.
Fixed an FSM action that wouldn’t trigger on Diane’s FSM.
Fixed hospital lobby background name.
Fixed soft lock in Erik’s house during the karaoke tryouts if you go in the mornings/afternoons.
Fixed soft lock in school when progressing Roxxy and Bissette at the same time.
Fixed the Orcette package monopolising the mailbox when loading a save made after its delivery.
Fixed the bank statement randomly showing up in the week with no interest, now Monday’s like clockwork.
Fixed Erik’s mailbox occasionally displaying as having mail when that wasn’t the case.
Moved the “clean auditorium” quest for dewitt from eve’s button to the park douches button.
Fixed the game being playable without extraction on MacOS.
Fixed more Diane wardrobe malfunctions.

Change-Log 0.18 Changelog:
New Features:

New revamped Jenny story
Once a week, you get a bank report in the mail. It will sum up the money you have saved and interest gained over the week.
Birth Control pills added to the game.
– Available at the end of the Priya side quest
– Will set your pregnancy chance to 0
Take a pregnax to increase your percentage back up (take 2 to get to 40% chance, which is the maximum)
– Effect is permanent until pregnax is taken.
Added a ModManager static class to handle future mods of the game, with the possibility to enable/disable mods on the go.
Side note : once you start a game with a certain sets of mods enabled, you should not disable them if you want to keep using that save.
SayTextFilter class to handle multiple text filtering functions.
Remapping of the weightlifting minigame key (for now).
Remapping is done with the “set_key” function. It takes the following arguments:
– key_name (only the string “key_str” is valid at the moment)
– key_id (use the pygame variable for the key you want)
Remapping is only viable for the weightlifting minigame
Remapping can only be done via the console
– Example : set_key(“key_str”, pygame.K_p)
– refer to pygame.org/docs/ref/key.html for key codes.
Hidden attic scenes

Debug Menu:
Added Items tab to the Debug Menu. It has a search field for items in the game and you can add/remove any item from a click.
Added skipping forward day/week/month/year to debug menu
Changed locations screen to a draggable/scrollable area with all available locations.
Added button to lock/unlock locations
Added button to move the player to said location
Added button to set the location’s visited status
Added button to set the locations’s “can leave” status
Changed Machines screen to a draggable/scrollable area with all available machines
Added button to advance the machine
Added button to show the screen’s variable
Added screen for displaying said variables
Added keyboard shortcut (Shift + W) to show the debug menu. Only works when the UI screen is showing, and the game is in dev mode.
Added the option to skip the intro and the first day of the game

New locations:
Mayor Rump’s House

Rework of the codebase:
Triggers are now in an init block as to not be saved in the save files.
Added pickling methods to our custom objects.
Moved achievements and cellphone assets to their own folders.
New screen actions implemented in:
– Annie’s House
– Beach
Rework of the music minigame. The notes highlight in red if you’ve missed them, and green if not.
There is also sound effects and a counter of fails displayed.
At 5 fails or more, the minigame will “fail”, and you’ll have to retry.
Sound effects are me, recording my guitar playing broken chords if you’re interested. You can use them however you want.

Layered Image rework:
MC (only for jenny’s storyline for now)
Debbie (only for jenny’s storyline for now)
Mr. Bubbles

New Characters:

New sex scenes:
Camshows improved and reworked
Shower hscene improved reworked
Shower bj
Night time visit hscene
Jenny bedroom hscenes reworked and added
Couch sex improved and reworked

Bug Fixes:
The map screen now shows the location you’re going to on hovering that location. This is returning behaviour that disappeared in the 0.16 update.
Fixed save resetting bug (with the mysterious statue – piece 1)
Fixed time spent playing namespace issue that caused it to be counted multiple times
Fixed exception that could happen when winning the spin the bottle with MC.
Fixed “Skip First Day” option in the debug menu to work with jenny’s FSM and skip the hallway dialogue.
Fixed daylight scene happening in the evening when Diane’s barn has been finished.
Fixed day/night backgrounds issues in Diane’s barn.
Fixed overlap of milk item acquirement and pizzeria unlock popups.
Fixed Machine variables not reloading properly (Clyde and the dog quest)
Download Keep2share (k2s.cc)
For PC
Size: 824

Comments 8

khan khan
khan khan от 5 August 2018 21:35
I love sex I love this game
Person от 17 March 2019 03:37
Does this count as a comment
I love sex i love this game
I love sex i love this game от 4 April 2019 02:49
Pourn hub is good
Mark от 4 June 2019 06:34
Quote: Person
Does this count as a comment


Quote: Mark
Quote: Person
Does this count as a comment

Njmanjma от 17 June 2019 14:47
اللعبة جيدة اجتاج اليها
i love this game
i love this game от 10 August 2019 07:03
I love this game
Đoàn Kết
Đoàn Kết от 31 October 2019 12:30
Chào mừng bạn đến với khay nhớ tạm của Gboard, bất kỳ văn bản nào bạn sao chép sẽ được lưu tại đây.
Hola от 5 November 2019 01:17
Pues muy bueno no se que desir me encantó muy bueno
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