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Tinkerer - PEASANT'S QUEST [Version 1.81] (2017) (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: Rpg, 3DCG, Adventure, Male Hero, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Big Ass, All Sex, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Doggystyle, Warrior, Fantasy
Censorship: Missing / There is a patch to remove
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 1.81
Language of game: English
Language: English

It's an Adult RPG game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer's son on his quest to make himself a name for himself, and perhaps rescue a few damsels in distress along the way.

This is a RPG game for adults, created in the medieval fantasy world, where you play as a farmer's son and you have to save a few dams that you will meet on your way. And your path will be full of erotic adventures ...

Version 1.81

This update mainly focuses on Victoria’s story, but also adds more content for Gwynneth. Things are about to change in Weirdwood, can our little peasant overcome his toughest rival yet? A rise in station may be in the cards…
So what’s new?
– Bumped up the game resolution from 816×624 to 1008×720.
– New font type for all text.
– Added 130+ new images
– 2 new animations
– 5 new H scenes
– 4 New Quests
– New Enemies
– New locations (buildings/floors)
– Added a ledger to see your expenses(see main menu)
– Option in main menu to disable animations
– New outfit in Edgars shop
– Victoria can now have multiple (5) children
– Gwynneth can become pregnant
– Fixed Shakala events not showing up properly in the goblin forest
– Other bugfixes and minor improvements

Version 1.76

This one has been repackaged and includes the previously missing actor4.png. It also fixes the following issues:
– Frida sex in bed scene getting stuck during “Some Excitement for Frida” quest.
– Game crashing when exiting the general store early in the morning during “Quality Time with Maghda” quest.
– Game freezing when Victoria announces pregnancy
– Samson’s hair now grows back (eventually).
Just to be clear, this version doesn’t add any new features compared to 1.75, these are just bugfixes. As usual, it’s compatible with old savegames.

Version 1.75

– Re-rendered original Maghda scenes with the new model
– Added three additional scenes for Maghda
– Added one new scene for Frida
– Two new quests (1 Frida and 1 Magdha related).
– New clothing for sale in the tailorshop
– Character sprite now changes appearance based on the weapons and armor equipped.
– The Mine and Spider Cave now have visible enemy sprites (no more random encounters)
– Added an option to reset the cemetery quest for those who burned those lovely innocent little girls. (There should be a ghost roaming the cemetery, speak to it).
– Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 1.71Changelog:
– A new character, Hilde. (Oh, and some male giants, but who cares…)
– 3 sex scenes for Hilde (+1 variation), 1 new scene for Frida.
– New maps: Giants’ village, Cave goblin…err, cave? + new floor for Frida’s house.
– 6 New quests
– 1 New potion: potion of strength
– 1 New craftable drink (Mead)
– New enemies (Cave goblins)
– You can now change your name at the major’s desk
– Made Mia Werewolf scene available as spirit potion point for “No cuck” players
– Fixed several quest that wouldn’t complete in the quest log (this only applies to new players unfortunately, for existing players the will still show as open. But it has no practical affect on gameplay)
– Fixed several minor bugs.

Changelog v1.62
– Added a small animation for Liandra’s forest sex scene.
– Added pastry support for Shakala and Frida (only applicable for a few scenes).
– Fixed some graphical bugs on the map beneath the well.
– Fixed a few other minor bugs

Version 1.61

– 140+ new images
– 6 new adult scenes
– 1 new character (Rosy)
– floor sections for 2 new building and and map sections for a new underground location
– 5 new enemies to battle
– 3 new resources: wheat, flour and eggs
– New item to craft: (special) pastry
– 6 quests
– Added spirit potion point for Erevi’s daughter at the waterfall
– Attack spells (lightning and fire blast) have been nerfed slightly.
– Bugfixes and minor improvements

Changelog Version 1.54:
The following has been fixed since 1.53:
– Festival lights quest would not activate if player completed “Let there be light” quest first.
– Old Caleah event remained in shrine for a while after bringing Alice to the temple.
– Erevi and daughter would quarrel about sweets even when Erevi was asleep.
– Error during naming of Erevi’s child due to Actor3.png missing from game folder

Changelog Version 1.52:
– 160+ new images
– New character (Erevi’s daughter)
– 3 new quests
– 3 new map sections (1 outdoor, 2 indoor sections)
– 1 refurbished map section (The Goblin Forest)
– All enemies on outdoor maps are now represented by sprites. No more random encounters. Each sprite may represent multiple enemies (chances of encountering multiple enemies increases by level of the player). Some indoor sections still have the old random encounters.
– Fast travel between Waystones to reduce travel time over large distances
– New enemies
– a new weapon in the shop (short sword)
– A regional map. Yes! That map you stole from the mayor can actually be viewed now. It only took me 2 years

Added more old quests to the quest log
Added/changed background sounds for most maps
Fixed a few minor bugs

Changelog Version 1.40 Preview
What's new so far:
- 5 new sex scenes for Alice
- 100+ new images
- 4 new quests
- 1 new enemy
- changed the cure poison potion to last all day, so it will keep you from getting poisoned, not just treat it afterwards.
- fixed a few minor bugs
Known issues:
- Missing spirit points for non repeatable Alice scenes
- Missing an image in the Alice in shrine scene.

Changelog Version 1.32 :
– 14 New images for the alternate events
– Changed grandma’s dialogue images to the new model
– Fixed some minor bugs

Changelog Version 1.31 :
– 120+ images (lost count)
– 5 new scenes with Mia and related quests
– A new outfit in Edgars shop
– Refurbished map of the area where Mia lives
– Bandits can now be caught and turned in for a bounty (speak to guard at tower)
– Added a spirit potion point for Vixenatrix non-pregnant sex scenes (check out her lair)
– Added more new and existing quests to the quest log
– Added more new icons for items
– A new title/splash screen (one I’m actually happy with:-) )
– Fixed several bugs or other minor improvements.

What's new:
- New inventory menu. There are more than 100 items in the game, so it was about time to split them up in categories. I'll probably add more categories later, and I need to add higher res icons, but it's a start.
- A new character, she comes with three possible scenes, and yes, you can make her pregnant:)
- New scene(s) for Caleah and Ziva. This is a two in one scene, somewhat similar to the one with vampires in the crypt.
- New maps, including more floors for the temple of Qetesh.
- 5 new quests to complete. Visit Ziva at the temple to trigger these.
- New clothing item in Edgars shop
- A new special potion
- 100+ new images

Version 1.11 Changelog:
– More Caleah story with 3 new scenes.
– New map (The Swamp).
– Recreated the village map.
– 66 new images.
– New enemies (Giant Mosquitoes and Gator Beasts)
– New resources (Swamp Toads and Blood Grass)
– A new potion
– A new weapon (spear)
– New spirit potion scenes for Frida and Erevi (the scenes are not new, it’s just that they previously weren’t available as spirit points).
– More quests added to the journal
– A shit-load of bug fixes.

Sorry for bombarding you with patches, but TMan helped me discover a bug that could potentially have rather big consequences, especially for new players.
I call it: The Virgin Pregnancy bug.
Symptoms: Victoria will announce her pregnancy, even though she isn't really pregnant.
Caused by: Gabriel leaving you after the temple quest, calls the wrong variable.
This patch fixes this issue.
The bad news:
This will only work on save games prior to Victoria announcing her pregnancy. After the announcements there are just too many switches and variables involved. I'm likely to break more than I'd fix by trying to patch that. And you can still watch her non pregnant scenes with the spirit potion. So once she has announced her pregnancy, she'll remain pregnant.
How to use?
Simply transfer your old save to this version (see readme.txt) and sleep until the next day. In a location other than your house in the village! That should reset the variables.
What if I made her properly pregnant?
You should be fine, nothing will change that.

Version 1.03 Changelog:
– Added one more image to the end of the Victoria pregnant sex scene.
– Added a new piece of furniture for your dungeon (with related bat breeder scene), see carpenter shop.
– Improved bat breeder orgasm mini game. Finally! I gave up on getting keyboard input to work properly, but have instead implemented mouse and touch support for the inputs. I hope this solves the issues some people were having with it.
– Changed bat breeder egg production. Although there is still some randomness involved, her affection level influences the amount of eggs produced.
– Small bug fixes, spelling corrections and minor improvements.

Version 1.02 Changelog:
– Vampire scene won’t repeat after handing third victim to Reanna or Adaobi
– Victoria continually catches you when sneaking into her room.

What has been added/changed?
– More life/unlife added to the graveyard. With new characters (3), quests and new enemies.
– More story for Victoria
– More than 100 new images (sorry, no animations this time)
– 2 new sex scenes. One of which comes with swappable characters (I made no less than 62 renders for this scene:-/).
– A proper quest log!! Well, the beginnings of one, at least. Most of the old quests are still missing. It will take a few more updates to add them all.
– A new resource
– You can now make torches at home.

Version 0.91 Changelog:
– 110 new images
– 1 new animation
– New potion creation menu
– 3 new potions
– New resources (bear claw, stone shroom)
– 4 new sex scenes + a scene with nudity
– 4 new map sections/locations
– 2 new weapons, 1 new armor
– 1 new spell
– 2 new skills (needed for new armor and weapons)
– new quests
– 1 new (well, actually 2) characters
– new enemies.
– Bugfixes. Most notable: A bug that made it impossible to raise Frida’s affection high enough for sex or handing over puppy, if player pissed her off while pregnant.


Version 0.81 Changelog:
– First part of a new quest with Ziva. The Final part will be added in the next release.
– Victoria now collects rent. Meaning new scenes with Victoria and associated quests.
– 3 new map sections (yes, I am working on a fast travel solution, but it’s still a few months off).
– 70+ new images (lost count).
– For those who burned down that house; you now have a chance to set things right.
– New clothing item at Edgar’s shop.
– New enemies (ghouls and bandits)
– New dialogue option for Beth (doesn’t result in much, yet. But it’s in preparation for next month)
– New resource: Honey. Doesn’t do much now, but it’s in preparation for next month (will be rewriting the potion creation menu to allow for more potions).
– Bug fixes and polish.

Version 0.72 Changelog:
– fixes possible crash after ‘bachelor party’ in Shakala’s camp, due to solar disc on HUD coming out of range.
– fixes picture staying on screen after Frida scene in garden, when not carrying potion of Phallus Giganticus
– Added switch in dungeon to extend time in orgasm minigame. Some people experienced too much lag to complete minigame in time.
– Slightly reduced chances of getting caught when spying on Victoria

"So what's new?"
- New "multiple choice" scenes for Shakala and Frida
- 50+ new images.
- Shakala can now obtain here highly pregnant form.
- Frida can become pregnant, but you'll have to wait until next month for her metamorphosis.
- You can now enter the next day without sleeping, so night will eventually turn to day. Mind you, you'll still become tired without sleep.
- Tiredness has now been uncoupled from the time of day. Your actions now determine how fatigued you become. This system still requires some tweaking, but should work....
- Added some new items to Edgars shop.
- New creature can be encountered in the Goblin Forest (Bear).
- You can no longer purchase a padlock for Frida, this is now a small quest (those who already have bought her one, should not be affected).
- Once you've completed Liandra's last stage, you can now obtain sacred water without besting her at archery. Just give her some Elven wine (the normal dribble isn't good enough:-) ).
- A bunch of other minor tweaks and fixes.
Download Keep2share (k2s.cc)
For PC
Size: 2160

Comments 4

Ekonomi от 11 May 2018 09:54
rick от 2 January 2019 18:13
Running into a number of lockups on 1.41, animated scenes with Beth and Alice. Also when finding spider eggs. How about using(creating) for building new house? Any thoughts?
Sex game
Sex game от 8 September 2019 11:15
So nice game
So nice game от 2 October 2019 01:39
So nice game
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