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Xagrimsgameforge - The Promise [Version 0.48.5a] (2017) (Eng) Update

Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Animated, Big Tits, Masturbation, MILF, Voyeurism, Seduction, Corruption, Exhibitionism
Censorship: None
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Tabletka: Not required
Version 0.48.5a
Language of game: English
Language: English

You played as a man aged.
And now its the time to make the promise real.
You must work hard and make much descisions for your life.
And it will have influence on the others.

"Extra Info:"
It is made with RPGMaker and with 3D renders and animations. The game has an individual main story (The Promise) and a globel main story.(But you musn’t follow it when you didn’t like it). It give sidestories and smaller events.
You have some hidden Stats for trigger some situations and stats how your corruption or the corruption of your wife. You must raise the corruptions and the relationships to get some events and more. Hygiene, Hunger and Energy are in the moment not in use.

Changelog 0.48.5a
Content (149 new images):
Added the option to go fishing now.
Added a new scene with Vanessa if you have met her at the Bar
Added a new cut scene for your wife when reaching Corruption level 3, with different possibilities depending on your previous choices
Added a new event in your wife’s office (only if you have seen the new cut scene and payed her a visit at the given time)
Added a new side event for the farm job (which is triggered after you have been caught bit ‘too excited’ by the lifeguard, after 0.48.5)
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor))
Reworked the shop interface
Updated Ren’Py to the latest version
Fixed some smaller bugs

Version 0.47a
Changelog 0.47a

Content ( 226 new images, 3 animations):
Added a new photoshoot with your wife with different outcomes.
Added a new book, the fishing set, jewellery and a Spa Voucher at the shop (only the book is currently useable)
Added some action at night at the park (To get the password you have to trigger the scenes with Marcus there.)
Added some scenes with Marcus in the park for certain situations, and the ability to send him a message for the invite. (After 20:00 sitting on the bench)
Added some more scenes for the couple in the park
Added two cut scenes for your wife (Reaching Corruption Level 1 and 2, available in the bedroom before she goes to work in the morning)
Added three cut scenes for Lisa (Reaching Relation Level 2 and Corruption Level 2 and after buying her a new Bikini)
Added the next jogging tour with Lisa
Added the Cinema event for Lisa
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor))
Added “fishing” at the stats site
Added the possibility to take a shower.
Added an explanation to inform you if you have forgotten the meeting with your wife and what the result of it.
Changed the book reading a little, now you can read a book more than one time until it’s finished. After this you will receive a Knowledge point.
Raised the hygiene values for brushing teeth and refresh yourself
Changed a little bit the Arousal/Hygiene system (BETA)
Updated the Tutorial
Removed the old Charm system, now you have to read books to increase your charm
Fixed some smaller bugs
Fixed some bugs with the park events
Fixed a problem with Nina’s corruption level (The real max is 2)
Fixed some bugs with the Bar
Fixed a bug with the Scene Planner
Fixed a bug with Michelle’s Cut scenes
Fixed the wrong bikini picture shown in Lisa’s shopping event
Fixed Lisa’s picture shown during the weekend at 18:00 inside the kitchen
Fixed that couldn’t read the fishing books, because of this it is reseted
Fixed some bugs with the pictures on the map

Changelog 0.46b
Content (310 new images, 1 animation):
Added you can now watch the News on the TV to get more information about the world and the global/individual story. It works in combination with the Newsstand, because of this I have reset the Newsstand Events.
Added a new photoshoot with your wife, the outcome depends on your earlier choices
Added some new scenes at the park (night)
Added three new cut scenes for the Scentek Story
Added new cut scenes for Lisa when reaching Relationship Level 1 and Corruption Level 2
Added new cut scenes for Michelle reaching Relationship Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 (+ 1 Event and one after that)
Added a new cutscene for Michelle if you reached a hidden stat
Added a new book in the shop, you can read it in the living room
Added some sound and music
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor))
Added the first things of the new GUI
Added thumbnails for some npcs to the map so you can easier find them at the given time
Added the colour blue in dialogues, so you can see when a hidden stat will be raised
Added that you can see now which point you have exactly raised (not for the hidden stats, you see only that a hidden stat is raised, not which one)
Added tat you can see all options in the choice menu even if they aren’t available to you now. What the option does remains a mystery until you have reached the required number of points.
Added that you can see now an available option in a menu although you don’t have enough points for that option, but not what is needed for that
Added an option in the bedroom that you can now sleep until tomorrow
Added the option to interrupt the erotic scene with Lin if you want be really faithful to your wife.
Added that you now have to go jogging once a week or your fitness level will lower
Added that you can now earn Perks for some situations (BETA)
Activated the Hygiene system (BETA)
Activated the Arousal system (BETA)
Reduced the problems with the update interruption (Now the mouse wheel is disabled when the game is updating ingame)
Fixed some smaller bugs
Fixed a bug with the photoshoot with your wife, now they work right
Fixed that you couldn’t help Lisa with the dishes at 20 o’clock

Changelog 0.45e
Fixed some smaller bugs
Fixed that you couldn’t reach Nina’s current max level and the crash at the pool
Fixed a endless bug in the bar, now the next scene should be trigger lately at 5-8 visits
Fixed some image issues at the second day for the cutscene with Lisa
Fixed that Nina say in the public pool that sje see you in the pool, now she is really in the pool
Fixed some text issues at the clothesstore
Fixed a bug that you couldn’t trigger the last office event with your wife.
Fixed that you can get more stat points than currently required

Changelog 0.40b
Content (175 new images):
Added some action with Lin (Trigger it in the cinema and raise your charm)
Added some action with Helena if you finished the waste event with her (With the right choices of course)
Added more information at the first and the second day for better understanding the story and what is to do
Added more information after you get the first job for better understanding the story and what is to do
Changed some dialogues in the Bar and add more information for better understanding the VIP Area and the access to it
Improved some dialogues (Thanks to SDevil, too)
Changed Coolness into Charm because it suits better
Changed the variables for the VIP Area in the Bar to make it easier to enter
Added some time information in the choicemenu in the dialogues for better information
Bug Fixing:
Fixed some smaller bugs
Fixed the bug with the actions at the pool with Lisa

Changelog Version 0.35a Hotfix
Content (170 new images, 14 animations):
Added more pictures for the frame at home with more background informations about your wife
Added more action with your wife after you give her a massage
Added more action with you wife in the bathroom
Added the next step with your wife in the living room
Added more with Nina in the Cinema
Added more action with Vanessa in the bar
Added more about the global main story
Improved some dialogues
Removed the old stats system
Added some first things of the new stats system
Reduced the game size over 50 %
Fixed the bug that you can give a gift often at the same day.
Fixed some smaller Bugs
Additional Infos:
Over 1.400 images
Over 24.000 words completly proofreaded (95 % of the game)
Animations for some situations
Two jobs (Waste Collector, Farmer) with unique events, the outcome depends on your decisions and small side events.
Some locations to explore : 3 Districts with townhall, shop, bar, clothesstore, cinema, public pool, farm , park and landfill
Depended on your interests and gameplay some hours of playtime

Changelog 0.30b Hotfix:

Changelog 0.30b:
Content (394 new images, 5 animations):
Added 95 % proofreaded dialogues (Thanks to SDevil)
Added the last step for the unique farm event
Added the first shopping tour with Lisa at Saturday between 12 and 14 o’clock at the clothes store
Added that you can now go to swim with Lisa at Sunday between 12 and 14 o’clock at the pool
Added a new location with first events: The Bar (You need a lot of Novos)
Added the second office event with your wife
Added that you can go at 10:00 to your wife in the sleeping room, if she goes to work
Added a new gift (chocolate for Nina)
Added some more stuff and replaced some pictures for Nina (cinema and pool)
Added some music and some sounds
Added the “Scene Planer” BETA (Ready for Helena, Nina and Melanie)
Changed something in the script, dialogues and more for the cinema
Changed something in the script, dialogues and more for the public pool
Changed that the sideevents for the farm and the landfill, they are no longer shuffle, rather depends on how often you worked
Changed some variables for the unique landfill event
Reseted the farm and the landfill sideevents , because of the above changes
Fixed some script bugs, it is possible that you get furthermore an error message, then it is necessary you start a new game, sorry.
Fixed some variable bugs with the farm event
Fixed a lot of smaller bugs

Changelog 0.25b:
Hi guys,
i have a hoftfix for the farm event, but for the guys which didn’t have the farm job it is not necessary to install it.
Unzip it and copy it to the gamefolder and replace the old file. The game should now 0.25b.

Changelog 0.20b:
Content (over 190 new images, 5 new animations):
• Added the last waste event
• Adde more idle images and small events for the waste event
• Added the next step for the farm event
• Added the first shopping tour
• Replaced the complete images for the fourth waste event
• Reworked the farm event after the second event. If you have played the third event it will be reseted.
• Updated the intro with new informations
• Added an information after the massage event, because it isn’t finish. It can be confusing that you can only have sex with your wife at 00:00 without massage
• Added an option after load your save to reset the event for your wife in the office if you didn’t trigger it and get finally a HJ
• Added options after reseting the farm event to hold your choices for the first two events
• Added that you can now see in the shop which things you have in your inventory
• Removed the maximum relationship limit for the visiting in your wifes office, in the last version, if you are above the limit you couldn’t trigger the first event
• Fixed the clock bug again and for the last time i hope
• Fixed looking through the keyhole of Lisa’s room
• Fixed different smaller bugs
Known issues and plans:
• Rework some images because of bad light or image issues
• Rework some animations because they are not so good

Changelog 0.15:
• Added more images for Lisa’s room
• Added more images for Lisa in the kitchen and for breakfast
• Added the possibility to look through Lisa’s room keyhole (shuffle pictures)
• Added some idle images for the MC in the bath and living room
• Added some images for house chores
• Added the first step with the “new“ girl (Cinema Thur-Sat, Pool Tue)
• Added one step for the waste event
• Added music for the waste event
• Added one step for the farm event
• Replaced the first walk animation for the waste event
• Replaced some of old pictures
• Removed some unused pictures
• Add the first version of the credits
• Fixed the clock bug again
• Fixed smaller bugs
• Fixed the bug that you see the char pictures at the wrong places

· Change some images in the kitchen and for breakfast
· The shop has now more stuff
· Rework some of the old sex and jogging scenes from RPG Maker
· You have now more options when you go jogging
· More sex options with your wife
· 95% from the “old“ stuff of the RPG Maker version are now in the game
· You can now visit your wife at work
· Now you can see in the stats screen how many points are needed for the next level
· Change a lot of variables that make it necessary to starting a new game!
· Now you see on the map where Michelle and Lisa are
· Now you see with which options in dialogues you can raise relationship and corruption (see tutorial for more)
· Add more hidden stats
· The game has now two tutorials
· Now you can see a little bit easier when you reach a build ending for some scenes (i hope)
· Added the inventory
· Rework the shop
· The fotoevents should work right now
· Fix some dialogue bugs in the kitchen
· Fix smaller bugs
Current in game:
Over 400 Images
Over 15 animations
Two jobs (Waste Collector, Farmer) with unique events, the outcome depends on your decision
Some locations to explore (per example: Park, Cinema, Public pool, 2 Districts, Shop and more).

Changelog 0.05:
First Ren’Py release
It is made with Ren‘Py and with 3D renders and animations (DAZ3D). The game has an individual main story (The Promise) and a global main story. (But you musn’t follow it when you didn’t like it). It give much sidestories and smaller events which based on your descisions. It is possible that you close a route or get a different outcome.
Current in game:
Over 350 Images
Over 10 animations
Two jobs (Waste Collector, Farmer) with unique events, the outcome depends on your decision
Some locations to explore (per example: Park, Cinema, Public pool, 2 Districts, Shop and more)

Changelog 0.25a:
Fix the black Screen bug for the garbage at the pool (Waste Job)
Now the clothes store should be open, when you go with your wife to it.

Changelog 0.25:
· Add the clothing store
· Add the changing rooms in the public pool
· Add the 3 step of the waste event
· Add 2 new fotoshootings with your wife
· Add 118 images (2 bathroom, 34 fotoshooting, 42 public pool, 19 waste event, 21 clothing store)
· Add one animation (waste Event)
· Make it easier to find the exit from different maps
· Fix that the message comes after jogging “bring her home“ when you click on your house door
· Fix that after you reach a relationship with Lisa about 30 you couldn’t ask her about her day
Known issues: Fixed and rework in next versions:
· Rework images with mistakes or with i’m not satisfied
· Rework some animations because they have mistakes or with i’m not satisfied
· All things like dialogs, storyparts, will be overhauled, this are only the first steps.
Plans for 0.3 (Planed release date at the beginning of June):
· More about Lisa
· Many minor improvements (Skip function in some situations and much tips from the community more)
· Change the grinding
· More about the global main story
· Some other Things

Changelog 0.20:
Replace some images for the farm event in step 2
Rework more than 10 images
More than 60 new images
Add step 1 and 2 of 5 for the waste deponie event
Add different sex animations with your wife (different camera angles, sounds and more)
Add the cinema (introducing)
Add the public pool (introducing)
Change different values for some events
Change the farm event a little bit ( its start from the first step for all)
Fix the stuck bug at the keyhole in Lisa’s room
Fix that you musn’t work and get the money immediately for the farm and the deponie jobs
Fix some pictures in the living room when you look at your wife
Fix some file name issues
Fix some smaller bugs
Fix some map bugs
Known issues: Fixed and rework in next versions:
Skipable jogging animations
Corruption values to buy the erotic books ar missing
Rework images with mistakes or with i’m not satisfied
Rework some animations because they have mistakes or with i’m not satisfied
Plans for 0.25 (Planed release date end of April):
Expand the farm event
Expand the waste event
More actions at the cinema
More actions at the public pool
More actions at jogging
Focus on your wife

Changelog 0.15:
The balance was changend it is strongly recommended that you start a new game. Because of the new music, its a little advice that you look the intro again.
Download Keep2share (k2s.cc)
For PC
Size: 1280
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