Japanese games

Here's our collection of hardcore Japanese games for all the people that enjoy addictive gameplay, hot scenarios and amazing plot. Why choose Japanese games? The answer is pretty fucking simple, just look at the mainstream Japanese video games that are straight-up amazing – you have your Metal Gears (RIP), Silent Hills (RIP), Fatal Frames, Yakuzas, and Resident Evils. There's a shit-ton of Japanese video games that are way superior when compared to their western counterparts.

The same could be said when it comes to porn games. Japanese people really know how to make a great game and that's a fact. When it comes to Japanese video games, everything is weird in an endearing/arousing way, everything just makes sense for some reason. The wester porn games, they mostly revolve around meaningless sex with no rhyme or reason to it. Do you actually like that kinda stuff? We hope you don't because free Japanese games are simply superior. There's no one arguing that they are worse. The only complaint that some people have is that these sex games are weird. Who cares about that? That's a compliment, in our humble opinion. It's way better when a game is weird. We don't want no vanilla, uninspired games that feature missionary banging under the covers in the dark. We want bizarre Japan games brimming with lolis, step-sisters, elves, space sluts, Sailor Moon copycats and so forth.

You see how we keep on mentioning FREE Japanese games? You can download them without having to pay extra, i.e. they are completely and totally free. In their own way, y'know? Better yet, we are letting you download the said Japan games with no limitations. We won't limit the number of downloads, we won't kneecap your speed or anything like that. We want you to enjoy as many anime/hentai games as you can. There's no better way to go about it, we won't shoot ourselves in the foot by not giving our audience what they want.

You want some sexy game Japan and we're going to give it to you – big time. We are going to give it to you so hard that you will likely forget what brought you here in the first place. Just like all the other categories here, our game Japan selection just keeps on growing and evolving – we add new games every single day. No days off, no slacking, we wanna make sure that there's a certain amount of diversity to this collection. There's something for everyone and we would like to keep it that way. We don't want anyone to feel left out, no matter how kinky they are.

All in all, we are sure that you're going to have a great experience playing the games offered here. Get ready for something completely unforgettable. You better make sure you have at least four hours to spare. These games are seriously addictive, guys. Tread carefully. One last advice – make sure you check out some of the other categories featured on this website right here. Who knows what you might find? Maybe there's THE perfect game for you out there? Here's hoping!

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